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Ickleford Cricket Club

Life Members.

J.W Field, N.M Hopper, M.R Howard, R.Izzard, T.Izzard, B.J Thurstance and C.R Thurstance.

Thank you to all our long standing and new Vice Presidents for their generous support both in attending matches and financially.

B.Barton, Dr M.Bavin, J.Binks, R.Birdsey, S.Blaxsell, L. Braybrooke, M.Chamberlain, D.Cheesman, G.Covington, J.Cross, A.Crouch, M.Crouch, S.Cunningham, M.Davison, R.Day, M.Ellis, G.Hackney, D.Hare, T.Izzard, P.Marsden, T.Marsh, T.Masters, D.W Morgan, C.Saunders, A.J Smith, B.J Thurstance, C.R Thurstance, S.Warren, E.Watson and Dr J.M.T Willoughby.

Donations should be sent to Roy.  



Ickleford Cricket Club, Ickleford Sports and Recreation Club, Walnut Way, Ickleford, Hitchin, Hertfordshire SG5 3YA England